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by Nfkjasfas

2021-10-13 18:26:45


Jagex hasn't issued an announcement that addresses the decline, but rather the measures being taken in order to address the issue OSRS Accounts. Jagex has also made some remarks about the game that appeared a little off-the-mark. Jagex CEO Mark Gehard said in July 2012 that Runescape is "as strong and as strong as it has ever been." It could be true if he says that more people have 99 strength now than ever before. However, if he's talking about the game's activities, he likely isn't sleeping enough.

However, it's quite clear that activity has decreased. However, let's not forget that Runescape was hugely popular several years back. It's likely that you as well as your friends played at least a few of Tutorial Island when you were in middle school, high school, or even college in the mid-2000s. Maybe Runescape is enjoying a slowdown in its popularity, and it will not be leaving in the near future. This could be possible.

The people who make the case of Runescape's coming death (many of whom are trying to discredit the recent content of the game) typically use the Google trend for Runescape.com as evidence. Here's a link to it to help you get acquainted. The graph could make things appear more dire than they really are. It appears like there's no activity, when in fact it has lots.

It appears that the game is at risk. It's hard not to agree with this. Since the time of peak (December 2006), Runescape has overall been heading down. And let's not forget that similar games, like World of Warcraft Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold, have also had a decrease in popularity. However, even with this graph there is a sense of optimism about the game.