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What is The Average Cost to Have a Garage Door Installed?

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2021-07-20 02:09:09


If you think that garage door is just an accessory, then you are mistaken. It offers saving of energy,improves the curb appeal, and boosts the value of your property. When garage doors Newcastle see better days, they need to be replaced to get your home in a good shape. Garage door installation has several aspects. It includes the cost of hardware replacement, material, the cost of door, and labor. If you are installing an automatic garage door, then it will cost extra as compared to a manually operated door. The cost depends on multiple factors like removal of existing door, upgrade of manual to automatic operation, cost of advanced features, location, and complexity of installation, and so on. What are the common items that determine the cost of installation? Here are some of them.

Installation Charges

The big-ticket item is the installation of garage doors Newcastle. It is because you need higher skills for that.  You need skilled and expert installers who will carry out the work with high efficiency and accuracy.

Charges for supplies

When you install roller doors Newcastle, they need various supplies. They are braces, pulleys, springs, wires, and so on. Your installer will include the charges for all these items in the quote. Make sure you read each line item carefully.

Other Charges

If you are replacing a door, then the installer may take charge of additional money for removing the existing door. Similarly, transportation fees might also be required along with inspection and permit fees.


Homeowners can choose to install specific locks on models of automatic garage door motors. The garage door can be opened from within the house. This feature can protect valuable things kept in the garage.

Labor charges

As per installation experts, the labor cost for installing roller doors Newcastle is around 250 to 500 dollars. The variation in labor charges is because of the  location of the installation and the number of doors. The cost of labor is rarely affected by the material of the door. It is mainly dependent on the time required to install the door.

When you need a perfect door installation, it is important to hire a company that has experience of doing the work for several years. It ensures that you will get high-quality work and total satisfaction. Use the Internet to find out an expert installation company in the town. Read customer reviews and testimonials to get the real picture.