Zoe Young

From United Kingdom

TFT with integrated display graphics

Category: Science & Technology

by Zoe Young

2021-06-06 23:54:56


MACLIGHT released a 5 inch tft display TFT with an inbuilt FPC graphics controller that allows users to communicate directly with the display, excluding any additional graphics components on their PCB.

The TFT includes a four-wire resistive touchscreen, polarized with a six o'clock viewing angle. From a performance perspective, it features 240cd brightness, 320 x 480-pixel resolution, and 5 inch tft display. Using a serial interface, it communicates to the PCB through a ZIF connection.


Clive Dickinson, MACLIGHT's Displays Manager, said, "This is a very revolutionary improvement in 5 inch tft lcd display module technology, helping OEMs reduce space on their PCB and accelerate their visual design part of new product ideas. This is appropriate for any application requiring a graphic controller and is great for items requiring compact sizes such as  5" tft lcd display module, handheld diagnostics, time-attendance systems or smart home devices."


Customization options for this display include bespoke graphic ICs and stronger backlights (up to 1,000cd). A capacitive touchscreen can replace the resistive four-wire input, and designers can also explore additional choices, such as antimicrobial touchscreens or even totally touchless UI solutions. Technical experts at the company may offer OEMs advice and direction to help create the perfect display for their individual application.