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Comparison in difference in drilling and even coke damage process:

Real cigs Cheap Cigarettes Sale are regarding the recharging paper utilising two series of undoubtedly visible get rid of coke pounding; There is not an drop softdrink punching with the loading paper Newport 100s Wholesale Cigarettes belonging to the fake smoking, which is without a doubt significantly unlike that belonging to the real products.

Small proverbial box trademark pieces of paper pearlescent printer ink difference consideration:

The leading and back belonging to the genuine small-scale box are constructed Marlboro Cigarettes Online with pearlitic printer ink with disturbance colors which includes yellow, green, purple, red and efficient, which might show distinctive colors with different lightweight angles. Moreover it has that function in preventing that copying in scanners, expansion machines and even color copiers. Fake smoke inside light angles is unable to show furnishings light differences, because use of high-definition checking copy, that picture sides presents that coarse materials grid, additionally, the real components has vital differences.

Comparison in laser anti-counterfeiting signs quietly of small-scale box brand paper:

Authentically anti-counterfeiting technology comes with the characteristics in 3D latent image with the image, giving a man or woman the sensing that words and habit are lurking with the printed problem, the consumption of modern ultra-high excellence scanners and even photographic plates cannot present three-dimensional impression, to avoid the printed problem from to be copied; Fraudulent cigarettes usually use photo reproduction concept, its ideas and signs printed at first glance can not even show an important 3D impression, and honest anti-counterfeiting warning signs have vital differences.