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One Of Our Favorite Coloring Wooden Crafts For Kids- Velvet

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by jingdian

2021-01-20 20:00:19


  Velvet Art is one of our favorite coloring activities! Kids can easily color with markers – the raised black velvet areas make it easy to stay in the lines! This Velvet Pirate Frame wooden crafts for kids Kit is perfect for any pirate or ocean explorer theme.

  Age Group: 5 and up

  Project Time: 30 minutes

  Materials: Velvet Pirate Frame Craft Kit

  The kit includes markers and 12 velvet art frames to color, printed on heavy cardstock. The center is open, so you can tape or glue a photo to the back of the frame once you have finished coloring! This makes a great classroom activity and as a fun keepsake gift for kids to give to family members.

  Combine it with a lesson plan on writing short stories, where students write a paragraph about their adventures as a pirate. What is their pirate name? The name of their ship? Did they find the gold? Pass out some gold coins as a fun price incentive after they have finished coloring.

  Step 1: Lay the velvet frame on a clean covered work area.

  Step 2: Choose the marker colors you’d like to use to color your frame.

  Step 3: Color your design, starting at the top of your frame and working your way down. This will prevent smudging your design with your hands or arms before it has had time to dry. Use other craft items such as pom-poms, beads or sequins to add some more excitement to your frames!

  Step 4: Allow time to dry.

  Step 5: Tape your desired photo to the back of the frame. Enjoy your keepsake frame!

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