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The Changing Of Skin Care Packaging- Plastic Trigger Sprayer

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by lele zhou

2021-01-19 22:03:35


  According to study from Diagonal Reports, skincare is a rapidly evolving subset of personal care, will remain central to the beauty market in coming years, and is becoming more scientific and medicalized, the changing needs of skin care packaging should meet new skincare needs too.

  Plastic Trigger Sprayer

  You will find more customers are starting to move toward the use of oils, like skin essence, cuticle oil, hair oil, as well as essential oils for spa. the reason why people prefer oils may be that oil is perceived as natural, So glass bottle with bulb rubber dropper pipette (or maybe push button dropper pipette, rotatable dropper closure) become an ideal packaging solution in the cosmetics & personal care world for serum and oils, which dose out smaller amounts of product at a time.

  Embracing color

  Most skincare brands have used white for their packaging, which makes the product appear cinical and more reputable, however, now you can see more colorful packaging for cosmetics and skin care brand, many decoration has been made to the packaging like silk screen print, hotstamping, uv coating, color spraying, matte or glossy finish etc, which promote the brand to be more premium.

  Believing most of ladies have ever tried the Black Tea Musk & Sugar Face Polish from the French Brand Fresh, you will find the glass container which Fresh used is not just a regular white glass jar, you get the feeling of clean, pure, elegant and prestige when you have it on the hand.

  It’s a ceramic glass jar, we call it opal (opaque) white glass jar also, looks like the pure white jade, by using this kind of opal white glass bottle and jar for cosmetics and skin care products will upgrade the impression of your brand immediately, if you agree with what we say, let’s see what we can help you about this.

  A wide range of styles and capacity for opal white glass bottle and jar for cosmetics and skin care for your selection, for your reference:

  bottle: 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 40ml, 50ml, 100ml, 120ml etc.

  jar: 30g, 50g, 100g, 120g etc.

  Decorations can be made:

  customized color coating;

  silk-screen printing;



  glossy or matte finish

  Usage for:

  essential oil, hair oil etc;

  eye serum,

  face cream, moisturizer,

  facial musk

  Closures available:

  screw cap with insert plug;

  bulb rubber glass dropper pipettes or push button droppers;

  Small Drinking Water Pump