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How to Replace Epson Ink Cartridges

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by Chris

2020-12-08 10:08:35


Epson Printers find their place in the world’s top-notch printers owing to the myriad functionality and price range that Epson has to offer. But an inevitable aspect that printer users have to tackle is the replacement of Epson ink cartridges. This blog provides a step by step procedure to replace Epson ink cartridges.

How to check Ink Cartridges of Epson Printer

Before replacing the cartridges, it is advised to check the level of ink in the cartridges. To do so, simply do as follows:

  • Press and hold the “Home” button
  • Navigate to the Setup page and click Ok
  • The LCD screen shall display the level of ink in the Epson printer cartridges

10 Steps to replace Ink Cartridge of Epson Printer

10 Steps to replace Ink Cartridge of Epson Printer<br />

If you notice the level of ink is low and needs a replacement, follow the below-mentioned steps to replace ink cartridges of Epson printer.

  1. Before ejecting the prior or to be replaced cartridges, it is crucial to keep the new cartridges handy. If the printer is left open, it is susceptible to dust particles which shall mar the functioning of the Epson printers.
  2. Ensure the printer is turned on and press the Home button.
  3. Visit the setup tab, press ok, scroll to the maintenance section, and select Ok.
  4. Choose the ink cartridge replacement system and tap Ok.
  5. Raise the scanner unit and with adroitness remove the cartridges. Make sure that the printer head and white cable of the printer aren’t touched.
  6. To remove the cartridges, press the button existing in the posterior side of the cartridge, and pull it upside down.
  7. Before inserting the new pair of cartridges, shake it well and open the top seal.
  8. Verify that the cartridges are inserted in the correct position.
  9. Close the cover, and press the “Check” option on the LCD screen. This option will notify whether the cartridges are set in the right orientation or not.
  10. Halt for a few minutes. When the message “Printer is ready to print” emerges, you can go forth with your printing operations.

If you diligently follow the above-mentioned steps, you shouldn’t encounter any issues. However due to some unforeseen circumstances, an error occurs, or you need technical expertise, feel free to reach out to us on our Epson printer technical support number. Our experts shall be more than happy to resolve all your Epson printer errors.

Epson Printer Setup Wireless

The Epson printer
wireless setup
can be implemented using the printer options displayed on
the LCD screen. To setup the wireless printer, simply press the Home button in
the control panel of the printer. Using the arrow keys, navigate to Wi-Fi setup
option. Locate the Wi-Fi network you want to use, select it and enter the
password. Voila, your printer would be connected to the Wi-Fi. If issue
persists, dial the Epson printer support
phone number
for quick resolution.