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I'm way to lazy to RuneScape

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I do not believe I advertised this website or Zybez in any way. I was just discussing them. I read the rules and RuneScape gold it stated it's against the rules to advertise a website but there's nothing about talking about one. I'm muted for 24 hours with a moderator (PMod or JMod?) , so it's not a major thing. However I am worried because there does not seem to be somewhere to appeal. I can't see just how many blackmarks I've , and the standing of the offence seems to function as"Deferred". This likely ruins all hope of me ever being a player mod, but it's my first offence so I'm not completely certain what to do.

Ok right now I have a bit over 11 mil. Zammy Pages 1-4 (To lazy to do the quest right now, price is soaring, so might as well buy). Granite Body, Black Mask, D Boots, D B-axe (for spec, have about 1k 4 will restore pots) Multiple glorys... So I guess I'm a normal level 82 meele based participant (Except for the black mask).

My questions are: Is the fury really worthwhile? 3 mil to get a ammy is pretty steep, but if it is all that much better I could get it. The sara sword (Oh No). Is it really that good? I'm way to lazy to perform mm, plus I can lend it out once I'm not using it. Reply's with this just from people who have or currently own the sara sword. I'll be blowing almost all of my cash on those 2 items, but I could always merchant (that's how I got my 19 mil), but I'd have to work my way upward. On a side note, brand new members. Do not waste all your money on summoning. I spent about 3+ mil on becoming 29 summoning (spirit spider and mosquito pouches) and it's not worth it. Learn from my mistake. I'm selling the long after 70 assault (30K from 69 now ) and gettting a rune protector (after 69 assault ). Thanks guys!

The only reason I received my fishing /cooking around 53 would be beacuse of heroes' (think that was the quest *srcaches head) And I was wondering, are these abilities worth gettoing up? I do not mind cooking (witch seams like an esay 99) but I hate fishing. Here are the questions: Where's a good spot to train fishing/cooking? How high will I want to get my fishing level upward, so that I earn money? (more then green dargs) Just how long can it take me to get 99 cooking/fishing? How much will it cost me to buy 99 cooking?

Okay from 75 cooking (were I began, and because at 75 you dont burn lobs anymore (assuming you are using cooking gaunts the whole period )): 39,104 Lobsters to get to 91 the initial mark, this would cost 12,044,032 [39,104 Lobsters] (1,994,304 is lost AFTER the 39k Lobsters is sold). 13,612 Monkfish for to 94 the next mark, this could cost 5,485,636 [13,612 Monkfish] (666,988 is lost AFTER the 13k Monkfish is sold). 24,238 Sharks to get to 99 the destination, this would cost 24,286,476 [24,237 Sharks](969,520 Is missing After the 24k Shark is marketed ). So all together you would lose 3,630,812. Those prices were taken a couple weeks ago but this is a quote of how much it'd cost for 99 cooking. It should take 1-2 weeks to get there. In terms of fishing you can cut down on prices for 99 cooking by fishing for rs 3 gold the food which you are currently cooking.