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I really like that half of your staff only gathered in the centre

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Had a feeling that this would happen. EA has been radio silent on anything regarding the next gen games. I wouldn't be surprised if they miss 2020 completely. Oh no, the sport I desire The most to see in next gen, but its strange, no gameplay, zero vídeos of next gen. Much like you may play with the Mut 21 coins original cod or assasins creed 1 rather than the newest titles? Fifa has performed countless of hours by most people that buy it. Even offline most ppl get way more worth from a yearly Fifa name than they purchase from copy-paste assasins creed /cod/mario type games. Apart from the authentic top single player games such as RDR2 or Naughty dog games - fifa has better gameplay and value compared to other single player matches. lol what? You are spending total $60 for a game that can easly be a yearly update (fresh ui, moves, transfers) thats it. I'm sorry if reality hurts but partner, they are due for some update. And I know that its a football simulation so you cant really"upgrade" it if it's already good, but if they wanted they can easly get a brand new engine, and update the game as per new and more realistic engine. Additionally, Career mode is always step back with every release. They could have easly executed their fifa manager which ceased in 2013 I believe into career mode. FFS we cant even pick in menu in career mode to not play as our staff but to be more of a coach. They can do a lot of shit and so more in depth, but they dont want to.

Doesnt matter I'll happily play Ps4 edition of Fifa 21 on ps5, hopefully loading is faster on offline drama. And wait for the ps5 version. Which is a free upgrade anyhow. Cant wait! Along with Resident bad 8 and Gran Turismo 7- another gen Fifa 21 is my most anticipated title for 2021. Fifa 21 ps4 version is epic and the gameplay is exceptional imo. Really excited about the dedicated next gen- version of this. The backward compatible Fifa 21 will most likely be the first game I play in my Ps5 anyway.

I really like that half of your staff only gathered in the centre and started rubbing torsos. Well it is ea, I can't really say I did not expect something like this to take place. When I had to guess - players act one way when the condition of the sport is"fumble mode" and yet another when not. Therefore it was inadvertently set to"not fumble mode" when it was still in fumble manner. This may happen for numerous reasons such as multiple processes that rely on each other falling out of sync, causing incorrect information to be stored. I'm happy there are people who mindlessly buy these games and then whine about it. Yes I am back, and this is actually the very first day with numerous players! Keep the suggestions rolling guys. Mark Sanchez was an amazing one.

I believe it is super funny that somebody asked Nick about his favourite Jets moment and he said the Butt Fumble lmao. Deadass it is only name recognition at this point lol, only guy I would place over Tress"that the GOAT" Way is Brett Kern. No, that's precisely exactly what the App Store states. Nick reported that on the flow yesterday. So is madden mobile 20 season going to overlap mm21?we still dont have a year end date for MM20,should you please throw a shout out. It does come from the 6th, To be completely honest, I have no clue why it says the 4th. But if it will come out early, then the people who pre enrolled get a notification it is buy mut coins madden 21 out early. Honestly, playing the beta, I have no hope for this year. I have heard a ton of individuals say that it is far more enjoyable than MM20. It's literally only a copy paste of MM20 with a few new visuals.