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They'll regroup on Thursday and also think of a more tangible plan that entails some league-wide call to action and perhaps commitments from nba 2k21 mt coins some team owners, in addition to the continuation of this season starting early next week.This pure speculation on my part.according to Woj it was a"survey" they're attempting to pressure owners. . .to do exactly what remains unclear.Kobe death, NBA suspension, NBA resume in bubble (a few of those pics in the bubble are gonna be so bizarre to see in a few decade), and teams are striking.Don't forget that the offseason.

AD into the Lakers. Kawhi/PG to the Clippers. Could have been the largest event in the majority of seasons.I genuinely thought this was a season or two years ago. Jesus what a long year.Wait til you recall that Simmons hit a 3 in the start of the season too.Did. . .did that cause everything that's gone wrong since then? Covid-19, Australian wildfires, category 4 shots, all of this the wrong timeline and that 3 was the key?Maybe he offered his soul to the devil to hit 3 and we are dealing with the consequences now.

This season literally started off with the whole China saga. Like it's been insane beginning to finish. Adam Silver is lucky he's already bald trigger the stress woulda taken anything he had along with his head.Crazy we were even watching this exact same time like 7 months ago.Bruh consider how crazy it is that YOU DIDNT EVEN MENTION DAVID STERNS DEATH!! I'm a lifelong Reds fan, and his Mariners show had me considering creating them my AL team...

This season is some shit we'll be telling our children about and they'll have no idea the way to buy nba 2k21 mt even understand itthey'll have the ability to understand it just nice. We look back at the past and are able to comprehend all of the crazy shit that happened before us and so will they.