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Electric Bike Manufacturer Introduces The Knowledge Of Electric Bikes

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Electric vehicles are very popular among citizens and become important means of transportation due to their light, practical, and environmentally friendly features. However, due to the lack of unified regulations on the "three guarantees" of electric vehicles in the country, in daily consumer activities, some businesses often prevaricate by "repairing but not refunding" or replacing the "maintenance battery", which makes many consumers distressed.

According to the Electric Bike Manufacturer , the battery of an electric vehicle is a consumable item, so when you use it, you should carry as little load and climb as little as possible. If the driving distance is not more than 5 kilometers in a day, just charge for one hour. For normal use, charging for 8 hours is sufficient, and charging should not exceed 10 hours at most. Some citizens are accustomed to charging all night, which is a loss of battery. When the weather is hot in summer, don't charge the battery just after parking. Let the battery cool down for a period of time before charging. It should be charged indoors in winter, and it is easy to be dissatisfied when the outdoor temperature is low. When it rains, do not let the battery rain, otherwise it will be easy to leak electricity. When using an electric vehicle, use it in strict accordance with the relevant regulations of the instruction manual, and avoid irregular behaviors such as overloading. The electric vehicle should be parked in a ventilated and dry environment. The most important thing is to use the original charger. If the charger is damaged, please purchase a charger from a regular manufacturer to replace it.

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