The player character arrives seeking to understand the mysteries of the star

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The player character arrives seeking to understand the mysteries of the star and block the horde of undead from it. The protagonist discovers that the fallen star is a man, after beating the soul of the Skeleton King. It revealed that this guy is none other than Tyrael, Justice's facet. The remaining angels put him on trial for interfering with the humans in Diablo 2, and he cast his immortality to assist the player destroy evil once and Diablo Gold for all. The player then finds that Leah's mom, Adria the witch (from Diablo), remains alive.

Adria informs the group that to be able to defeat the forces of Hell, they need to craft the Black Soul Stone that is capable of trapping all seven Lords of Hell within it. The protagonist, Tyrael, and Leah proceeded to accomplish this, trapping The spirits of Belial and Azmodan in addition to the other five previously defeated evils (Diablo, Andariel, Duriel, Mephisto, and Baal). Believing that the war against Hell to be won, Tyrael attempts to ruin the Black Soul Stone, just for Adria to betray the group. She reveals that she's in fact served Diablo all together, and that she birthed Leah alongside Adrian, the hero from the first game, who'd Diablo's soul within him. This Diablo contains the souls of the greater and lesser evils of Hell, making him powerful. He storms paradise, almost promising success, however, the player character with the assistance of Tyrael along with the other Angels can defeat him.

The final cinematic of diablo 3 exhibits the Black Soul Stone, still undamaged. This almost ensures that Diablo, and possibly the other evils, will reunite in Diablo 4. It's been shown that Lilith is going to be the primary antagonist of Diablo 4, however do her strategies involve the Dark Soul Stone, and when they do, how so? The story of Diablo 3's expansions tell how an angel, Inariel, along with a demon, Lilith, escaped the eternal conflict between Heaven and Hell, also utilized the Worldstone to create Sanctuary, the deadly realm in which the Diablo games happen.

The Nephilim, their kids, were strong. Inariel sought to destroy them, seeing them as a hazard, while Lilith needed to enable them and use them to finish the eternal conflict. This debate caused Inariel to banish Lilith, and curse that the Nephilim so that their energy waned with every new generation, thus giving birth to humanity. Humankind was warped to by her children, and with Lilith summoned, what's her anger attract her to buy Diablo Immortal Gold perform?