Did they not already say it'd be similar to 2k21

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Just slap on a few mods for 2k20. There's already a 2020 draft course made with actual faces and a 2021 one in progress. Increased lighting, 8k flooring and jersey textures, adjusted participant models for every participant, I really could go on.Do you understand why they do it this way? Do they have deals with NBA 2K21 Mt Microsoft/Sony or something?It's definitely all about park for me and at least I can learn the mechanisms, all I care about.If it's like 2k14 then the current gen version vs next gen will be an entirely different game especially gameplay wise. Even the way players dribbled and made contact with each other felt different.

Exactly like using 2k14. Which sucks because 2k14 on the engine looked fantastic.Damn that's some bullshit. It's not like hardware either.Could they have business practices as a firm restricted us? Cunts.What the fuck is up with this thing they keep doing with the ribbon? ? And a lot more changes.Honestly I am surprised Zion wasn't held from this trailer with knee soreness.

On current gen it'll be 2k19.2. Since 2k20 already is 2k19.2 it's 2k19.3. But again: 0.0 since the start to software numbering (version) is equivalent to not started isn't it? Your applications begins with 0.1. I believe you get zero day patches that bump the version to .1You begin with 0. Like in development. Where you have nothing. First step is 0.x. New release variations bump it . XThats one counts I imagined. I don't recall how many spots they published prior to release, but let us say it was 13. 13 - NBA2K19 2.0 (NBA2K20 release version).

Exactly. I mean. We all on exactly the same page here. I was just curious.Yeah, I know it isnt a very serious discussion but as you said it begins on 0.1, which is kinda true (technically you may start on which ever number you desire ), but since 2k has been buy mt nba 2k21 released it was 1.0. But yeah it doesn't matter really haha.Then again believe iOS 13. Then it gets an update for 13.1. Only a random thought; I think 2K19.1 is your answer lol.