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Ian Shoup

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Is this the worst ad Samsung's available?

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by Ian Shoup



Some ads, like some movies, could be so bad they become a peculiar kind of good.Then you will find ads that conserve a deep worthlessness and cause only pain towards the senses.You must decide how you are feeling about this opus, developed by Samsung.Released a few weeks ago, it sat within the Internet's ether, hiding in plain sight. Then the critics at Reddit got hold from it and mused if the world had ended early. The ad, for Samsung's 840 EVO Series Solid State Drive, seems to possess enjoyed a really strict casting brief: please only audition those having a dependency on Xanax.The actors appear to speak using the diction of the American who is attempting to explain himself to some Chechen rebel."After several months of owning my computer," says one child, "it does not work as quickly. "Some may think: "Perhaps it's attempting to maintain exactly the same pace as the thinking process, sir."Yet it's this very actor who's said to possess participated within the Reddit discussion, behind the handle DamienF1.He wrote: "So I'm an actor/model residing in Seoul, and im playing the 'businessman' within this promo. now, admittedly it is not my best product lol, but many people arent conscious of just the number of factors go into which makes it this bad."