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I'm not likely to do anything

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by Ian Shoup



Have I hit it? Am I close?The Nike FuelBand, a lot more than the others, made me wish to go that extra bit if I was lacking my goal, because I could tell exactly just how much more I needed, instantly. Yes, I found myself pacing round the house before bedtime just to determine that "Goal" illuminate.But the FuelBand misses some activities and offers no method to supplement with this. I found myself almost resentful from it. "You're not likely to track that two-hour paddleboard as activity? Fine. I'm not likely to do anything!"I dearly hope Nike will fix this within the future, either having a new model or a means to upgrade existing ones. That might even get me to begin wearing it again.Food logging works! But such a painAll the devices however the Nike allows you to log the food. And logging my food, perhaps a lot more than tracking my activity, seemed to assist me lose about five pounds inside my first fourteen days of while using devices.Food logging using the Jawbone UpThe problem was that food logging fell apart whenever I was eating at restaurants, such as on the trip. How many calories for the reason that hamburger? Who really knows? It can vary widely for a lot of reasons. And in a cocktail reception, I wasn't stopping to jot on the type of cheese I ate, the number of pieces, and what crackers I had by using it.Maybe this is exactly why food logging worked so well for me personally, in the beginning. It was this type of pain that I just didn't wish to eat whatsoever. What I'd love is really a device that actually could accurately track what I consume, and translate that into calories.