Ian Shoup

Ian Shoup

From Australia

The setup process is a lot simpler

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by Ian Shoup



After that,the machine correctly identified each people,even as we all jumped in front from the camera at the same time.Wearing a hat proved especially tricky for that PS4.When I stood alongside with David Katzmaier in front from the PlayStation camera,the machine identified him as "Dan Ackerman," and didn't recognize me whatsoever.The Xbox One Kinect camera had trouble recognizing me without my glasses.Xbox OneWith a camera system that's not only included automatically,but additionally more sensitive and powerful (a minimum of on paper),the facial recognition log in is intended because the primary way users get access for their custom dashboards and profiles around the Xbox One. The setup process is a lot simpler,without any posing or moving around to various spots within the room,a period consuming process required through the original Xbox 360 Kinect.Once I created/imported my Xbox Live profile,the machine recognized me nearly every time I got near it,even if just casually walking past,greeting me by having an onscreen welcome message.That added me towards the list of recognized players in the very top from the main dashboard screen,but to actually sign in,I would have to consider the controller and hit the house button. The main difference between the 2 systems is the Xbox One is keeping an eye out for known users,also it experienced none from the false positives we saw using the PS4.Wearing a hat was no problem for that Xbox One,however when I removed my eyeglasses,I was recategorized like a "guest" until I place them back on.Surprisingly,going clean shaven didn't faze either console.No beard,no problem.