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Ian Shoup

From Australia

With the startups within the Innovation Network

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by Ian Shoup



Companies must enable those who're sharing to still share,and firms must also develop start up business models that add new value,and associated revenues.For example,BMW provides the Drive Now car sharing program,while offering parking options.Peugeot now provides the Mu Mobility program,which enables an extended term subscription fee in return for access to some bus system,scooters,cars,and much more.Will there be considered a way for customers and consumers to possess a direct voice within this? They will possess a voice with the startups within the Innovation Network.Crowd Companies also comes with an Innovation Network of 22 startups and investment capital firms that represent the empowered people.Many of those startups,like GetAround,CustomMade,and Cookening,enable individuals to share goods,make goods,or create experiences.These startups collectively use millions of end users on the daily basis. The members from the Innovation Network will present towards the council their perspective,and share how they need to use brands.Why did you need to do this? I wish to make a difference.This is really a great opportunity to assist define and shape a brand new market for some from the most powerful forces within the world.I also see this because the natural extension of my focus around the social media business,as we begin to see the physical world become democratized.Lastly,it's freaking fun,which's priceless.