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And Molnar, D. And Moore, H. And Brug, J. And Li, B. And Pace, F. And Paoletti, D. AbstractAccording to constitutivists about epistemic normativity, epistemic normativity is explained by the nature of belief. Specifically, it is explained by the fact that, as a matter of conceptual necessity, belief stands in a normative relation to truth. We ask whether there are persuasive arguments for the claim that belief stands in such a relation to truth.

"Coach Outlet Store" , (146) The governor had Michael Kors Outlet Sale also asked who Alexander was, to which Alexander replied "I am a Christian". (146) The martyrs perceived these answers as a testimony to their faith, but the Romans perceived them as antagonistic; the governor would lose his temper and patience Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale each time a Christian declared his or her faith (a rejection of the Roman gods), or answered his questions in riddles. The Romans were not getting the results they wanted from the Christians (conformity to the Roman gods instead of Christ) due to what they considered to be the Christians' insubordination and would thus send them "to the ranks of the martyrs".