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Ian Shoup

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Disney uses the Force to snatch 'Star Wars' from Dark Horse Comics

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by Ian Shoup



Cover art to Dark Horse's seminal Star Wars sequel comic from 1991,Dark Empire.Dark Horse At the finish of "Revenge from the Sith," the newly reborn Darth Vader screams an anguished cry,"Noooooooooooo!" It wouldn't happen to be surprising to listen to that same pained response towards the injustice from the world within the halls of Dark Horse Comics this morning,too. A long time ago 1977,to become precise inside a galaxy closer than you believe,Marvel Comics began publishing "Star Wars" comic books.The series ran for 107 issues,finally becoming one with whatever Force comic licenses merge with in the end of the lives in 1986. A light choose to go out within the comics publishing universe.Watch a laser gun kill mosquitoes Dark Horse Comics stepped in,and nurtured the property to life using its surprisingly popular series "Star Wars: Dark Empire" in 1991,continuing the tales of Luke Skywalker and friends years after "Return from the Jedi." Those tales,a minimum of as seen with the eyes of Milwaukie,Ore. based Dark Horse,will come for an end by the finish of this season.Disney which bought Lucasfilm,such as the "Star Wars" franchise for $4.05 billion this past year has announced it will move the comics publishing license for "Star Wars" to its original home,Marvel Comics.Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson wrote on his company's blog that Dark Horse "revolutionized" licensed comics publishing.