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Chromecast prepares for that global stage

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by Ian Shoup



The Chromecast was never a part of Google's division,but that does not mean the company will allow you to see the family room test lab setup here for Chromecast evaluations.At least,it isn't likely with no hefty nondisclosure agreement.As explained Chromecast's product management,Mario Queiroz,the faux family room has all of the trappings you'd expect.There are couches,televisions,and,in typical consumer experience lab fashion,a one way window by which Google experts can evaluate how participants are getting together with Google's popular and low cost movies online dongle read Chromecast review. Google has big plans for Chromecast in 2014,having finally scored an unequivocal hit at connecting media apps for your TV after many years of near misses and never even close misses.Google has revealed plans for international Chromecast distribution and widespread app support later this season.According to Queiroz,the $35 Chromecast represents Google's need to integrate your various media obsessions into one streamlined device. "Our goal has always been to create it to ensure that there would not be a separate implementation for mobile and TV and set top boxes," he explained.Never mind the nascent media services on Google Play along with other Google initiatives,though.There's that one particular service that Google continues to be obsessed with for a long time: YouTube. "YouTube was an essential driver.Google wants to obtain YouTube onto as numerous screens as you possibly can," Queiroz said.