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Taking using their cues

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Taking using their cues,we had a unique chance to step up towards the plate and make something that people hope is going to be a distinctive and incredible epic film."However,while Mojang does allow user generated content according to its IP in the terms of use,it's having a very specific caveat:http://www.rsgoldfast.com those users who make YouTube videos,maps and mods aren't allowed to create money in the content directly. Instead,any revenue generated comes from advertising.By posting a Kickstarter campaign,Laatsch might be seen to become profiting directly in the Minecraft IP.Because from the way IP law works within the US,if the IP holder allows another party to profit from the IP without creating a license,its hang on that IP is weaker.If a major film studio were to make an unlicensed Minecraft film,or perhaps a major games publisher a Minecraft clone,they can use the previous unlicensed content like a legal precedent. Persson himself had little to say concerning the Kickstarter,noting only on Twitter:We don't allow half millions of kickstarters according to our ip with no deals in position.Markus Persson notch February 7,2014Mojang and Laatsch happen to be otherwise silent around the situation,although Persson's Tweet appears to indicate that there's a minimum of the possibility of the agreement being reached within the future.Still,a large amount of trouble could happen to be saved if Laatsch had done that in the very first place.