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Research Proposal: A Document Required For Performing Research

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What is a Research Proposal?

A research proposal is a process of writing a document that has been used to propose the research. It has been created to attain sponsorships in certain research projects in the areas of academics and sciences. These proposals have been evaluated based on cost and the impact of that research on society.

What Is the Importance of a Research Proposal?

The research proposal is an important document written to propose the research. Therefore, it is required to persuade the people to sponsor the research project. Through the proposal, students will share their idea and the reason behind conducting that research. However, they will also communicate the changes they want to bring by the research. Moreover, they should write their research proposal formally so that it can approach people to sponsor. Some experts will provide a research proposal sample so that students can get a procedure to write a document.

How Students Will Outline their Research Proposal?

There is a process required in writing a proposal document and that has to be followed by the students as suggested by the scholars. According to them, outlining is important in research. And there is a format that can help students in writing the proposal such as;

  • At an initial stage, students will draft an outline by mentioning the primary problem that their research is focusing on.

  • In the second point, they will mention their methodology that they will be using in the research.

  • They will also write the importance of their research.

  • Their proposal should be supported by the background, in which the students will write about their in-depth analysis of the problem. The background should be written in a specific structure that does not follow in a research paper. The main motive behind writing background is to convince the viewer.

The above-discussed points are giving precise information about the outline process. 

What Are the Steps Involved in Writing a Research Proposal?

Research proposal requires outlining and it does require the steps to write it down to make it impressive and approachable. The steps involved in writing a research proposal are:

  • The first step is to write a title that is to give a brief introduction to the research topic.

  • The second step includes background and rationale, also, to give clear information about the research.

  • The third step is to mention the objective behind conducting the research.

  • The fourth step includes the methodology process of the research.

  • The fifth step is to mention the plans and time being used in conducting the research.

  • The last step includes bibliography.

These are the steps that students need to follow while writing a research proposal.

How to Get a Sample of Research Proposal?

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