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If before you rant you learn the principles of basketball appreciate

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by Nanlina chen



The problem is that's what intimidator badge was likely to MT 2K20 be lol that the problem is 2K hands out badges to anyone as the year goes. If they inserted this"fearless" badge then intimidator might as well not even exist since 2K will give everybody equally on gold or HOF they'll just cancel eachother out. Intimidator is overpowered but there has to be some kind of equilibrium to NBA 2K. If you do not have small nuance badges like this make a big impact then it may also be everybody along with all the badges and every stat 99 or zero badges and bronze stats visa versa you need some kind of curveball and I suppose that's 2K version of it.

If before you rant you learn the principles of basketball appreciate. You are not aware, at the last 2mins of each quarter the 2nd committed will automatically put them online. Nothing is false. Not everything is served on a dish. Learn the principles and take it. If you filthy me twice in 2mins im shooting at those fts. Dont rant everything.

Appreciate it if you read another 4 responses before you condescend as quickly as you can try to make yourself the exceptional being and feel great about yourself. It was a barbarous means to dismiss off a comeback when I am not controlling the dude who fouled and homie was reaching all game. Not all is that deep. Learn life and to respond into a human being if you're feeling the need to say something. Says the guy raging about losing a basketball video game because he does not know the rules of basketball.

Because everybody who cares to post to a MyTeam ribbon have never gotten upset after a difficult L from time to time, totally yeah dude. 4 additional users reacted like normal human beings to me, that man just wanted to pile it to make himself feel good lol.Ah you so you came here to heap on your rant to this thread to make yourself feel good lol, without even thinking waht are you complaining. Is that what this is abt? Lets see.

Dude, everyone has a tough loss but you're going full blast here bec your competitor after last 2mins was made by more than two fouls gotten to a feet, I mean what would you want to Buy NBA 2K20 MT Coins happen? You ass blast yourself ranting about this"bogus" ft system and when someone calls you out you get butt hurt? Lol carry on. If you dont believe this is an answer of a normal human being then you need yourself assessed lol, or surround yourself with men and women that are legit. Or at minimum, learn to take a feedback. Should some called you out here 4x tf I care. Thats the point everyone knows the principles anyhow you and here we are. You learned something here.