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The manner has gone sorta stale for me NBA 2K20

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by wang ruii



For NBA 2K21 I wish they would implement a style for Buy nba 2k20 mt coins MyTeam at which no Glitched cards would be usable the 3pt Shaqs, Bol Bols, Scalbrines, 3pt Simmons, Opal Alex Carusos, PG Giannis, Opal Tacko etc.. Glitched series cards could only be playable at the Glitched manner or call it Endless whatever this manner you would have increased MT point benefits since you spent so much for your Glitched cards.The other manner could be a rated MyTeam Builder Mode with cards that are more realistic. The rewards would be Team Tokens and place a larger emphasis on developing a team. Maybe only 3 Galaxy Opals on the group kinda like a big 3. You would need your adhesive men and 3 and D experts - Diamond level gamers. Therefore 2K could make money of course, the demand for these guys would make them precious and have increased costs in the Auction House.

I dunno one of those modes could have the ranked Team Builder mode to a monthly subscription fee largely likely. Along with the Glitched manner would make its crazy money from the cards out there. Just throwing an idea out there kinda getting tired of MyTeam its has so much potential and it has destroyed by these idiotic cards. I feel like theres no authentic building a MyTeam its only"Purchase this weeks new crazy cards or your team will be obsolete $$" Perhaps they could use kind of a MtG plan of Standard and Modern so as to sell new packs and the Glitched cards are like the banned cards Magic has that arent allowed in aggressive play.

I get what it is you want to say (mtg reference was good) and it was"rather" used in the past. We had"seeds" in which you could only use 1 gold, then 3 golds then some stone etc.. The terrible thing about this was for going up those seeds, that there was an absolute group that is best. It works in card games such as MTG only because they have several styles play (control,mid range, aggro) and its rather balanced. In 2K what's broken. 5-out or bust. You conduct a play and the next time it wont work. However much they will try to balance a style a cheesy card will slip in and its finished.

The manner has gone sorta stale for me, I love my GO Big O and GO Luka backcourt, D Reddish, D Lamar and PD Dino frontcourt, with a solid seat including players and reward cards. Should I sell everyone I can, blow it all up and begin again? Nervous because I'll eliminate money on folks probably (and I really like those two opals) but I don't really need to grind out mt anymore and mainly play TTO (Oscar, Luka, Dino) but that has just gotten boring playing so many matches with the very same cards. Should I blow off my (not very good) team up and begin fresh for pleasure or not?

I have tiers. In gerneral although not always you'll get paired against lower cards with tier cards yourself. Some spotlight sims Christian timber cam roco is a fun lineup pick up Bonga blend him in their also. Darius miles diamond and gerald Wallace are cards. Ruby thon and new amy mo bamba are fun. You don't need to cheap nba 2k20 mt sell every person to mix it up.