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Handicap E-Tricycle manufacturers share how to turn

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Electric tricycles have entered thousands of households and become a travel tool or cargo tool for many families. Below, will Handicap E-Tricycle manufacturers come to share their knowledge about tricycles?

1. Before leaving the electric tricycle, check whether the various lights, meters, horns, and indicators are working properly; check the power meter indication, whether the battery power is sufficient; check whether the controller and motor surface have water, and whether the mounting bolts are loose 1. Whether there is a short circuit; check whether the tire pressure meets the driving needs; check whether the steering system is normal and flexible; check whether the brake system is normal.

2. Start: Insert the key into the power switch, make the rocker switch in the neutral state, turn the key right, turn on the power, adjust the steering, and press the electric horn. The driver should hold the direction handle firmly, and look at the front with his eyes, and do not look left or right to avoid distraction. Turn the rocker switch to the forward state, slowly turn the speed control knob, and the electric vehicle starts smoothly.

3. Driving: During the driving process of an electric tricycle, the speed of the vehicle should be controlled according to the actual situation of the road surface. When braking is not required, it is strictly forbidden to place your feet on the brake pedal to avoid the brakes being in a semi-combined state, causing friction Burning, you should drive at low speed on uneven roads, and hold the direction handle with both hands to avoid violent vibration of the direction handle to hurt your fingers or wrists.

4. Steering: When the electric tricycle is driving on general roads, hold the direction handle with both hands, when turning, pull the direction handle with one hand, and assist with one hand to propel. When turning, you should slow down, whistle, slow down, the maximum speed should not exceed 20km / h .

5. Parking: When the electric tricycle is parked, release the speed control knob, and then slowly depress the brake pedal. After the car stops, adjust the rocker switch to the neutral state and pull the hand brake to complete the parking.

6. Reversing: Before reversing, the electric tricycle must first stop the whole vehicle, put the rocker switch in the reverse position, and then slowly turn the speed control knob to achieve reversing

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