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Since streamers are so crucial to the game's fulfillment, what's preventing Bluehole from playing favorites and just taking them at their word?Certainly the PUBG subreddit seems to EFT Items agree that this is stupid and that many streamers are letting their egos get the first-rate of them. Again, even supposing this is not true and there clearly is rampant flow-sniping taking place, bans seem like the wrong technique to a solution.

I'd advocate Bluehole take a far, tons softer approach to this for the time being. Sure, getting movement-sniped could be frustrating, however I'm simply at a loss as to how those streamers are so absolutely certain whilst it happens. And treating streamers better than the common gamer is a certain manner to make a network turn sour.

What do you watched? Am I missing something? I simply dig this game, however this sort of stuff makes me nervous.