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Getting the spirit portions is easy enough

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Once you talk to and startle Wisp, his 5 spirit pieces will cross flying, scattered across the island. You’ll have to locate them and trap them – to do this you’ll should craft a internet, with a view to Animal Crossing Items require sticks and probable a few iron nuggets.

The 5 spirit portions seem like clever enough that they won’t visit regions of the island you may’t get entry to yet – so if you’ve now not yet advanced the island and unlocked buildings to the point where you get the ladder crafting recipe, they won’t be up the excessive ledges you may’t but climb.

Getting the spirit portions is easy enough, anyway. Once you’ve nabbed them, go back to Wisp. Wisp will offer you a praise: either something pricey, or something which you without a doubt don’t have but. This’ll be an object – a chunk of furnishings or the like – that you may use in your house or to decorate your island. If you’re all about decorating you’ll in all likelihood need to invite for some thing new – but if you’re simply selling to earn plenty of cash fast, pass highly-priced, obviously.