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And the question has not only changed

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Like what’s been said before, the goal of WoW Classic is to bring back the kind of WoW that’s been lost due to POE Currency the myriad updates it received through the years. But now that its Alterac Valley is receiving changes, does this mean other content will follow suit? Before Alterac Valley, the answer was no. But now, it has become a rather resounding maybe.

And the question has not only changed, but has actually doubled to “which one is next?” and “to what extent?” Perhaps we’ll only know until Blizzard announces the next thing it’s going to fix. And they will have definitely have something to fix with WoW Classic. It’s not that it’s broken; it’s just that you can’t completely replicate the past.

If you’re unfamiliar, the Darkmoon Faire for WoW Classic is a monthly event that appears in alternating locations between the Horde-owned territory of Mulgore and the Alliance-owned territory of Elwynn Forest, providing both factions easy access in alternation. The Darkmoon Faire is neutral and all are welcome, but the members of the opposing faction may not be so welcoming. This month we have Elwynn Forest, alternating to Mulgore for the following April festivities.