What the GTA-5 VR mod reveals about the state of the VR industry

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by rodeoneere rodeoneere



cheap GTA V Cash This week I tried a new VR mod for Grand Theft Auto V. This allows you to experience one of the largest and most successful games of all time completely in virtual reality for the first time - from the perspective of the protagonists and even during the cutscenes. Great VR experience?

Since I had failed to play GTA V all these years, I was all the more looking forward to my VR trip to Los Santos. After all, almost every game works even better in VR than on a screen, I think.

But before I could start, I had to struggle through the installation. Grand Theft Auto V Money Fortunately, there are YouTube videos that make this easier for me.

I start GTA V in monitor mode and adjust the settings so that the game is later displayed correctly in VR. Then I unzip the mod into the installation folder, fiddle with the steam settings of the game, configure the VR mod with a BAT file, set the correct audio channel for my VR glasses, put on the device and ... finally start the game.

If you want to try the VR mod for Grand Theft Auto V, you can find it at Github. The developer's installation guide is here. The following video of the YouTube channel Virtual Reality Oasis explains the installation step by step.

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