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Factors to Consider When Building a Retaining Wall in Your Yard

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by Frank Ferella



There are various types of retaining walls that can be used for different purposes.

There is a sigh of relief that aesthetics is not very crucial when you choose a retaining wall. Here, functionality is more important.

The primary purpose of the retaining wall is to hold back soil erosion and to increase the usable space. Once the basics are clear, it becomes easy to customize the walls.

Since many choices are available, designing a retaining wall becomes complicated. To achieve success in the project, you are supposed to follow some key considerations.

Here are some of them to help you with that.

Which type of material is the best?

When you build a retaining wall, the type of material you choose has to be in line with the purpose. Also, you need to check the budget.

Here are some material choices:

  • ·         Bricks: Retaining wall made from bricks are solid and durable. It is the best choice for traditional homes and landscapes. However, it requires special consideration for drainage accommodation.
  • ·         Concrete: Concrete walls are available in a plenty of choices of shapes, colors, and styles. They offer the maximum strength and can be blended seamlessly with most of the exteriors, yards, and gardens.
  • ·         Stone: Walls made from stones are also available in multiple choices.  Stone wall is ideal when you want to change elevation.
  • ·         Timber: They are more suitable for conventional homes. It blends well into any landscape.

Type of wall

  • ü  Gravity retaining wall with interlocking blocks
  • ü  King post retaining wall with steel columns and pre-stressed panels
  • ü  Cantilever retaining wall
  • ü  Mechanically stabilized earth retaining wall with standard precast wall blocks

Any type of wall you choose, precast concrete is the prime feature.

Factors to consider

The proximity of water is an important consideration. Are you building a retaining wall for sea defense? Also, you should consider the location of the retaining wall.

Think about the design life of a retaining wall. You must choose a design that will last for many years.

The last but not the least parameter is its height. The selection of precast configuration depends on the height of it.

Careful consideration and selection of the retaining wall give you long-lasting service and value for money. Ask experts if you have any queries or doubts.

Consultants and experts offer online consultancy and support services to help people in choosing the perfect retaining wall type.

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