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Tree and Stump Removal Cost - Making Your Estimates

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Do you think that the work gets over once you chop down the tree in the backyard? Well, it isn’t! There is still a stump that is not only an eyesore but an obstacle as well.

Chopping down a tree is the easiest thing, in fact. Removing the stump is the real challenge.

How much money do you need to remove the stump? It depends on many factors. Do you want to remove it using DIY methods or need a professional removal service?

If you choose the second option, then it is essential to estimate the cost first. Going for it without preparation might result in unpleasant surprises.

Here are some aspects that help in making your estimate.

Factors that affect stump removal cost

All assignments of stump removal are not the same. Therefore, the costing is also not the same. A few factors that affect it:

  • ·         The diameter of the stump. The large is the diameter, the higher the cost is.
  • ·         Age of the sump. Older stumps are tough to remove. Hence, the removal cost is more.
  • ·         Condition of the soil. Stump removal from a rocky soil is costlier than normal soil.
  • ·         Type of the tree stump. Certain stumps are tough to grind. Their removal cost is higher.
  • ·         Root system. Stumps with minimal root stumps are cheaper, whereas extensive root systems are costly to remove.
  • ·         Cleanup level. If you want the removal of ground-up stump also, then you need to pay a higher cost.


Though every stump removal cost is specific to its type and stubbornness, here are some ballpark figures to give you some idea.

The average cost to remove the stump ranges between 60 and 350 dollars per stump. It comes out around 2$ to 3$ per diameter of the stump.

DIY stump removal cost falls between 75$ to 150$.

Professional Stump Removal Prices are between 150$ to 200$. There are different criteria to charge stump removal. Ask your contractor to give a quotation stating the removal criteria.

By diameter

Typically, 2-3 dollars per inch of diameter are charged for stump removal. Most of the time, companies charge a lumpsum 100 dollars.

By number of stumps to be removed

The more are the stumps; the lesser is the cost that you pay. The charges of one stump are higher, and all subsequent stumps are removed at discounted rates.

For example, if the cost of removal of one stump is 100$, then 50$ will be charged for subsequent stumps.

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