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Useful Tips for Finance Case Study Writing

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by James Smith



Solving accounting and finance-related assignments are already pretty intimidating for students as they involve a lot of number crunching. Hence, you can imagine what a finance case study can do to such students. If you are also a student who is stuck with a case study paper in finance, then stop panicking and read this blog to uncover some effective tips on writing a case study on finance.

1. Choose a topic carefully:

You need to understand that preparing a corporate finance case study is a serious business. You cannot simply choose a topic just because you find it interesting. You need to consider the availability of the research material and relevant data, the relevance of the topic in today's date, and your instructor's preference while choosing the topic.  

2. Take ideas, but don't copy:

If you are struggling to solve your case study on finance, you can certainly refer to the finance case study examples available online. However, you should never attempt to copy the samples. You need to understand that every case study has its own voice. In some way or the other, these case studies are unique. If you copy things mindlessly, you will not only fail to provide with a proper solution but may also lose some grades over plagiarism.

3. Shortlist the names whom you will interview:

The thing about a case study is that gathering secondary data is not enough. You need to collect a lot of raw data on the topic through surveys, group discussions and interviews. To ensure your finance case study solution has something new to offer to the readers, it is important to choose your interviewees carefully. People who are closely associated with the case you are working with can provide you with information that is undocumented yet crucial.

4. Verify the information that you are using:

If you want your case study to really stand out, you need to offer a lot of information and offer a solution that you find can resolve the issue you are about to highlight in the study. Now, putting information in the case study is not exactly a child’s play. You need to make sure that information is valid and are collected from genuine sources. Don’t forget to cite the sources as per the instructed citation style, if you want to avoid plagiarism.


There's no denying that solving a finance case study is a lot of work. But you can prepare an impressive one if you have a clear idea of what to do and how to do it. Start working early, as it will give you enough time to conduct all the much-needed steps with perfection.

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