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When Do You Need Probate Lawyer in Adelaide?

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by Lella Oliveri



A probate lawyer Adelaide is an expert in handling cases related to the probate court system. However, before searching for a probate lawyer, you should read about the court system in Adelaide. In some states, trial courts handle the duties. In some states, separate probate courts are established for that. Probate lawyers work with estate administration. It includes estates that are with or without a trust in place. A probate lawyer can help in all these cases. Also, he can handle guardianships related matters, cases of mental illness, and other proceedings. The blog talks about a few situations where a probate lawyer can be helpful.

Estate Administration

The division & distribution of the real and personal property get into a problem if the owner dies without making a will. It is called the administration of the property. Extensive filings & deadlines are involved with estate administration. Surviving family members prefer to meet a probate lawyer to handle this emotional process. Not only that, the probate lawyer can handle claims of distribution to the heirs and beneficiaries.

Estate Planning

Probate lawyers work closely with the clients who are looking for an estate plan to set up. Estate planning is a complex process that includes execution of the will advance directive or placing the property into a trust if the client wants to save some tax. With his profound knowledge & working experience, the probate lawyer handles the things well and ensures that nothing is missed out.

Conservatorship & Guardianship

Both these processes are heavily regulated by state statute. Therefore, they require the expertise of a probate lawyer AdelaideTo file the petition, you need a lawyer. He will inform all interested parties about the proceedings. It represents the interests of the proposed guardian or conservator.

Matters Related To Mental Health

It is not a common thing across all the states, though. In some states, matters related to mental health are assigned to the probate court. Cases that are related to mental health include involuntary emergency detention without issuing any warrant or equivalent document. These proceedings are also known as civil commitment. It is normally followed by admission to some psychiatric facility. It is a situation when a person is dangerous to himself or others. Or in a situation when someone is infringing on the self-rights or rights of others. Or the person is incapable of taking self-care. With the help of a qualified probate lawyer, such cases can be dealt with properly.