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History and Culture in Nepal

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Discover a life-size statue of King Jaya Verma With an inscription in Kathmandu Maligaon, in 1992 in 1885 The earliest recorded evidence of the date of the History of Nepal. Before the conquest of Nepal By King Prithvi Narayan of Gorkha (Kathmandu) valley Shah in 1769, the earth or in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, Outside world 'Nepal' was known. According to the From the history of which dates back to the early Christian era, Nepal, Lichchhavi been ruled by Thakuri, Malla and Shah dynasty. Lichchhavis Ruled the country since the beginning of the 1st 9 th century. By Lichchhavis been Who ruled the country from 9th Thakuris, 14 th century. However, architectural excellence Reached its zenith in the Kathmandu Valley After the thirteenth century Malla Period The eighteenth century. UNESCO heritage monuments That are scattered across the Kathmandu Valley This period is openness. It was the Newari culture of the Malla period and Architecture reached its apex, and is known as "Renaissance" era. Malla rule came to an end Kathmandu Valley was conquered by the King of Gorkha, Prithvi Narayan Shah, in 1769, and Shah dynasty was established. But in 1846, took Peace Palace on the benefits of a weak king Intrigues, Jung Bahadur Rana seized absolute power Rana through a brutal massacre in court Elite. Ranas ruled the country virtually Until they were ousted from the power in their fiefdom History and Culture A typical Nepali terrace In popular 1951 uprising, democracy Established in the country.

Nepal's culture today as we did not identify Germinated and developed in Kathmandu Valley at the beginning of the 1st century or Perhaps even earlier. But it was only after With the opening of the country to the outside world The advent of democracy in the world 1951 Able to see the splendor and prosperity Nepalese culture. No doubt, many of the ruling Sponsoring this dynasty, but in essence, it is A man of culture - a culture nurtured by People through the ages. No Cultural Events People's mass is performed in Nepal Participate. One can see a spectrum of Multitude of vibrant cultural rainbow Festivals and rituals are celebrated around the Every day in some part or other Country.The capital city of Kathmandu Ne wars who are the indigenous inhabitants of Kathmandu Valley and is best known for Their artistic creativity and skilled craftsmanship, Their culture has been held in place with a staple Everyday life. Of cultural tolerance has Nepali way of life.