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Family Lawyer - Choose a Good One For Better Judicial Results

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by Phil Testa



It is challenging to navigate the murky waters of family disputes unless you do not have a good family lawyer. Whether it is a divorce battle or custody, you need to put the facts so convincingly that the decision turns into your favor. An experienced and well-equipped lawyer makes things easy.  However, the real challenge is; how to find a good lawyer? Where to start and how? The blog talks about a few things that will take you to a proficient family lawyer Adelaide.

Narrow Your Search Gradually

The search begins by asking your friends or relatives. Get a few references from here and there. You can browse the Internet to get a few names. Once you find some family lawyers, now it is the time to compare their skills. You should review the biographical information of the lawyer. Does the lawyer practices family laws exclusively? Does the lawyer have mediation experience? If yes, then you may expect a more collaborative and balanced approach.

Meet The Attorneys

After narrowing down the list, now it is time to meet them in person. Yes, the importance of personal interaction is well-known. Some lawyers charge the initial consultation also. You need to be mentally ready for that. Don’t forget to carry relevant papers and information when you go to meet for the first time. The lawyer will be able to understand your circumstances better. Prefer a lawyer who resides in the local community. Thus, you will save bills for his travel time to the court. Hire a lawyer who explains you about the proceedings of the case and the plan he has tailored to put forward your case.

Don’t Afraid Of Asking Questions

Never get influenced by the personality of your lawyer. Usually, family lawyers have a dominating nature, and they want to be on top of the situation. However, you are the client, and you have complete authority of raising questions. Here are some questions you must ask.

  • ·         What is the chance of you winning the case? Does the lawyer find it strong?
  • ·         How will he charge for the case? Will it be based on hourly billing rate? Or upfront money?
  • ·         What is included in the fee? What will be charged separately?
  • ·         Will the lawyer take the divorce case only or help in getting child custody also? If yes, then will it be charged separately?

These questions will make things clear.