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Animal-based foods have a bigger rs gold carbon footprint than plant-based foods. Producing beef, for example, uses 20 times the land and emits 20 times the emissions as growing beans, per gram of protein, and requires more than 10 times more resources than producing chicken. In the Tulane study the 10 foods with the highest impacts on the environment were all cuts of beef. 

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Calculating carbon footprints isn’t simple, given the vast diversity of agricultural production methods, says Kumar Venkat of CleanMetrics Corp., a Portland, Oregon-based environmental firm. That involves estimating the amount of CO2 emitted from the energy, fertilizer, and land use as well as in processing, packaging, and transportation. It took over two years for CleanMetrics to research the carbon footprints of hundreds of different agricultural commodities.

“No question chicken is a fraction of beef’s carbon emissions and it likely has the lowest carbon footprint of any animal protein,” says Venkat, who was not involved in the Tulane study. Chickens are far more efficient in converting feed into meat protein, and that reduces the amount of land, fertilizer, and energy involved, resulting in a light carbon footprint.

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