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by Bale



Within this experience were simple, but valuable lessons in economics for any child. Because of Maplestory, I first learnt the best way to budget and manage money, ensuring I never were forced to spend over I required to. I learnt the best way to bargain as well as trade (once I had enough mesos, I decided to MapleStory 2 Mesos obtain items from others and then sell them at higher prices. An investment portfolio, for a moment). And I learnt regarding how supply and demand affects market fluctuations. It’s perfectly logical why UNSW teaches their introductory microeconomics course by using a game (aptly titled Playconomics). In an ironic twist of events, in 2017, Maplestory announced that it turned out removing the free market from the sport. I’d make an analogy with the real-world, although, from the immortal words of my pal, “wateva rofl its simply a game XDDD”.At