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Enhance your Career in AngularJS

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What is Angular JS? AngularJS is one of the fastest growing JavaScript open-source front end frameworks developed by Google. Angular JS lets you create dynamic and versatile Singe page applications without reloading the entire page. AngularJS provides two-way data binding that helps in building complex web applications using MVC framework. Using its directives, AngularJS makes the HTML DOM extensible and provides more responsiveness to user actions. It is a powerful JavaScript framework, completely free and has larger developer community. Why Angular JS? Angular JS is very popular client-side framework that uses MVC patter for building robust web applications. With Angular JS, we write less code and get more work done. It uses HTML as the template language and its provides extensibility to HTML DOM using directives. Though Angular JS is extensively used to build Single Page applications, it can also be effectively used to develop complex web applications using its Two-way binding, Services, Dependency Injection, Restful API integration, templating etc. LEARNING ANGULARJS AS A CAREER PATH AngularJS is a development framework which has registered explosive growth. This is due to the fact that it can be used to create versatile single page web applications because it will have speed, agility plus a host of community developers backing AngularJS. This versatility and ease of use has made it one of the most lucrative career paths. Since the trend towards functionality is being moved online, the web browser is the new node for computing and Users expect the browser to function like a web app. By using AngularJS, a User can dynamically display content, which in turn reduces the load on the server. Since it has greater flexibility compared to other languages, AngularJS is being increasingly used by start-ups and shoe-string businesses for single page applications, which need intuitive UI along with compelling content. AngularJS has graduated from being an exotic framework, to one which is popular with the developing community, since it is seen to drive strong business growth. This agility has made it a favourite with organizations needing a strong web presence. This has opened lots of new job opportunities in the industry with some of the highest salary levels. Why has AngularJS become a favourite with Developers? AngularJS was born to cater to the need of web developers and designers, who needed more control over the web applications they created. When the web developer has an intuitive feature, it means he can incorporate more value addition on the client side, which is a huge plus for business growth. Since AngularJS embraces HTML, JavaScript, CSS etc., it has wide potential in developing web applications. Though there are numerous options in the JavaScript framework, AngularJS has taken over as the leader of the pack. This is due the rich features of AngularJS and its ease of use. AngularJS has relegated more established frameworks like Dojo and newcomers Knockout and Ember to the background. Prominent Features of AngularJS When AngularJS training became more commonplace, it started to dominate the JavaScript framework. It yet holds top spot because of its ease of integrating with other tools and frameworks. AngularJS has inbuilt integration capability with frameworks such as Ionic, Kendo, etc. If one was to point to a singular feature which has made AngularJS so popular, it is this capability of integration. TemplatesModulesDirectivesDataBindingModel, View Controller or MVCFiltersValidationsServicesRoutingTesting AngularJS is not only popular; it is increasing its band of Users exponentially. This exponential growth is expected to continue for many more years. Since the industry needs many web developers who are trained in AngularJS, it is one of the best career options available in the IT field. However, to get a good job, you must have sound training in both theoretical and practical aspects of AngularJS. <a href="">AngularJS training in chennai</a> | <a href="">AngularJS Training</a>