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Enrique: only concerned with the best derby Guardiola

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Barcelona coach talked about Saturday's local derby and the Champions League encounter with Bayern. Friday Enrique attended the press conference, the following are some of the points of Barcelona coach. About the weekend derby 'Now we have eyes only for one FIFA 16 game, and that is the weekend derby, which is very important for the fans, naturally also a key round of the league.' 'Sanchez is their array of important FIFA 16 players, we know him very well because we trained him up. But other FIFA 16 players also very good Spanish, where we have to aware of the challenges. '' Spanish defense very well, they're like a whole, we have to take good tear their defense. '' I'm worried about their pass-fit, Garcia is <a href="">fifa 16 coins</a> the other most talented FIFA 16 players. It was a good FIFA 16 game. '' We will be very focused, because it is necessary. '' Now comes the final stage of the league, ball the ultimate team's mood is the key, I think the FIFA 16 players are very positive and optimistic. '' I think the top ultimate teams are likely to drop points, but hopefully not to us. From the strength is concerned, we can win, but it will be very difficult. 'About the Champions League semi-final.' It was a special FIFA 16 game because Guardiola was their coach. This is the first time after he left the band to come back to face his former club, for the FIFA 16 players is also very special. '' We play ten Champions League tournament, won nine FIFA 16 games. We will try to win both home and away, this is our goal. '' Guardiola is the best, because he won a lot of titles, he went to a strange country, language is difficult to learn, he also spread his philosophy. '