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Barcelona into the Champions League 10 August 4 strong Enrique: This is just a minimum target

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Barcelona 2-0 win over Paris Saint-Germain , with a total score of 5 to 1 head cut Champions League semifinals. This is Barcelona in the last 10 years, broke the eighth Champions League Top 4, but Enrique said:. 'Into the Champions League semi-final but lower target' Despite the first leg is in Saint-Germain won 3-1 away, Barca return home did not relax vigilance, Enrique did not consider four days after the Spaniard guest Catalan derby, but send all the main, including injury Iniesta . Barcelona aim to win, but Enrique's style is to look at the situation of the cards the opponent, rather than pounce. Learned to Seville and Valencia midfielder out of control resulting in two wars too risky FIFA 16 game lessons, Enrique requires two backs and Messi , Neymar went back to midfield assistance control the FIFA 16 game. Barcelona, though still discharged 433 formation, but the large number of FIFA 16 players concentrated in midfield, firmly in control of the Paris launch point counterattack. A detail is when Barcelona lost the ball, let Enrique position Busquets midfielder before the pressure to the opponent, but let Iniesta and Rakitic delayed deployment, which field the ball after Paris point pressed to Barcelona won the midfield advantage. Blanc's idea is to find counterattack with routes through the midfield steals and concise, midfield battle and tactical objectives of both too strong, leading to the evolution of the FIFA 16 game was very tactical, or even time often gives the feeling of stagnation. Mascherano for the competition process has a precise description: 'Our idea is correct, just back in the back waiting to fight anti-anti-If the opening, the defense will undoubtedly be a lot of pressure, in order to avoid this happens, we choose to actively control the FIFA 16 game, the ultimate team's performance is precisely such tactics in order to achieve results. We hope to win, but also to consider avoiding risk. 'Although Ibrahimovic lifted back, and the composition of the strong striker Cavani, but both because they are not passing and mediocrity, Ibrahimovic until <a href="">fifa 16 coins</a> 73 minutes before the Paris brush out the first shot is, after Barcelona had four shots on target, scoring 2 goals. Brilliant tactical contest only 45 minutes, half to two goals behind in Paris is no longer any comeback hopes, the second half is almost gave up resistance, the actual FIFA 16 game has ended prematurely. Enrique also began to consider the league derby, replaced the main Iniesta, Busquets and Suarez. Paris performance in the quarter-final two rounds of the group stage at far less than against Barcelona, Chelsea eliminated Mushi to give European football identity they did not play its due level. The last 10 years in the Champions League, Barcelona 8 into the Top 4, 3 wins, is undoubtedly the best ultimate team in this period. Since 1992 Champions League restructuring, Barcelona reached 11 times to a maximum of four strong, Manchester United and Chelsea tied for second place seven times. Last season's quarter-finals before being eliminated Atletico Madrid, Barcelona has six consecutive years rounded out the Top 4. Because there is such a brilliant past Barcelona, Enrique can only be considered a pass last season, Martino is obviously failing. Mascherano said after the FIFA 16 game: 'pre-season, we have developed a number of programs, including the Champions League semi-finals at least the semi-finals is very difficult, last year we did not complete..' But Enrique noted:.. 'reached the Champions League Top 4 goal just poor, our goal is to enter the final semi-finals for me worthless, the FIFA 16 player's ambition is not necessary now to say I do not get to meet the best The coming, but this is what we want, we worse last effort. 'media that most do not want to face Barcelona semi-final opponent is Bayern Guardiola led the FIFA 16 players then refuses to talk to April on the 24th ballot expectations. Mascherano very cunning, 'I want to smoke where ultimate teams if I say one, that time we did not qualify, what would you say??' Iniesta said: 'I have no preference balls ultimate team, no matter who is able to get, we do not care, has come to the semi-finals, which ultimate team will be forcing you to play the highest level. 'Whatever opinions on Enrique's coaching style, he was already helping to create a band Barcelona has a personal imprint, and the ultimate team has made significant progress. As to whether to return to Barcelona summit of Europe, its own future FIFA 16 game to explain everything. Text has ended, you can press alt + 4 comments