Quality Characteristics Of Corrugated Plastic Sheet

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Generally speaking, the vertical ribs are thick and straight are good quality hollow panels, and the vertical ribs are thin, and the vertical ribs will bend when pressed, indicating that the quality of the board is not good.

Therefore, more and more producers choose to co-extrude the UV-protection layer  Readmore

Features Of Corrugated Plastic Dividers

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In industrial construction, Corrugated Plastic Dividers can be used as a protective material for the outer packaging of various items, so don't use it as a shelf, partition, bottom plate, backing plate, cross plate, etc. Hollow boards are not commonly used in the advertising and decoration industry. These two industries are also two industries that have close contact with our daily lives. Everyone observed carefully and found that many advertisements, sign boards, light box windows, etc. around us were made ....