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How do You know whether you qualify for Express Entry?

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2021-02-18 23:03:10


When you’re applying for the Express Entry
programs by the
Canada Immigration Consultant in Mumbai, the officials would consider your profile
depending on your skills. However, you would first need to know if you qualify
for Express Entry.

While they are going through the profile, they
may also assess you depending on the ability to contribute to the economy of

At present, the Express Entry manages three
immigration programs. These are nothing but the Federal Skilled Worker Program,
Canadian Experience Class and the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

Usually, you need to earn a CRS score based on many
factors. To qualify for the streams, this score should match the cut off score
set for every draw held in the country.

The officials may consider your profile if you
get through a Provincial Nominee Program from
Best Canada Immigration Consultants In Mumbai. In that case, you needn’t worry about anything
because you would be earning a high score due to additional points.

Now, let’s look at criteria you need to qualify
for Express Entry.

Do I qualify
for Express Entry via Federal Skilled Worker Program:

This program is meant only if you have years of
work experience working with a company outside Canada.

Once the profile is selected through the Express
Entry pool, you should be ready to settle in Canada permanently.

Among the selection factors, the officials would
assess your profile based on your age, education, a valid job offer, and
language skills. The Federal government would also consider your work
experience for the program.

With regards to the point grid, you need to score
at least 67 points to qualify.

Under the work experience, your job profile must
match to the ones of the NOC groups, 0, A or B. While the Express Entry profile
is active, you should present a reference letter for the positions held in the
past ten years.

The employer of the firms should have paid you
for the hours you had worked for. Unpaid internships are not counted while
applying for this program.

As a full-time professional, you need to have at
least 1 year of work experience. The officials would accept the profile only
when you have worked for minimum 1560 hours across the year.

As you appear for the language proficiency tests,
you need to earn a score of 7 as the CBL level. It should be noted that the
test results would be valid for 2 years after the date when the results are

Regarding your educational background, you should
have completed your studies at school in Canada. In case you have studied from
an institute outside Canada, then you need to present an Educational Credential
Assessment (ECA).

for the Canadian Experience Class:

This class is meant for you only if you have
years of experience working with a company based in Canada.

The officials don’t consider the educational
background for the Canadian Experience Class. However, if you wish to increase
the chances of being accepted, then you need to complete your high school
studies. Besides, the officials may accept the profile if you have got a
certificate from a post-secondary institute. Click here to get Free
Consultation with
Visa Consultants In Mumbai
at theimmigrationconsultants.

In case you have completed your studies from a
different country, then you need to present certificates equivalent to the
degree stated above.

With regards to language ability, you need to
earn almost the same score across different sections. You need to prove your
skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking English or French.

For job profiles under NOC 0 or A, you need to
get a score equivalent to 7 as the Canadian Language Benchmark (CBL) level.
But, if the job profile matches the one under NOC B, then you need to attain a
score at par with 5 as the CBL level.

for the Federal Skilled Trades Program:

The Federal Skilled Trades Program can be
considered only when you have the skills in a particular trade. In that case,
if your profile gets accepted, then you need to settle in Canada permanently.

To qualify for the program, you should have a
minimum of 2 years of work experience. Your duties should be related to skilled

The officials would check the job profile only
for the past 5 years.

A valid job offer with 1 year as work experience
is another criteria you need to meet. Besides, you need to get a Certificate of
Qualification which the Canadian territorial, provincial or federal authority
would issue to you.

Among the requirements, your application should
match the profile under the 2016 version of the NOC list

Your occupation should be at par with the NOC
groups, 72, 73, 82, 92, 632 or 633.

The officials wouldn’t consider your education
for this program. However, to boost the rank in the pool, you must have
completed studies at a high school or post-secondary school in Canada. In case
you have completed your education from a different country, then you can
receive points for the credential.

In the end, just like the other programs, you
need to prove language proficiency in French or English. As you appear for the
tests, you need to score marks equivalent to 4 as the CBL level.

Finally, you need to show proof of funds to the
government. This would imply that you are able to support yourself along with
your family when you stay in Canada. Moreover, you shouldn’t be refugee or have
committed a crime when you’re applying for the different programs.

In case you are immigrating to Canada as a
Quebec-selected skilled worker, then you need to get a Quebec Selection
Certificate (QSC). This would confirm that the province has accepted you as an
immigrant. Once you receive the QSC, you need to apply for permanent residence
in Canada by yourself or through any Canada Pr Consultant In Mumbai.

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To Sum-up:

If you wish to start a business in Canada, then
you need to declare your net worth along with work experience as an

For the Entrepreneur streams, you qualify for
Express Entry even when you have been working as a Senior Manager in a company.
However, you should be ready to invest in a business and manage the operational
activities from a location in Canada.

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