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The Importance and Need of Computer Network Certifications

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by lakshitha

2021-01-25 06:07:58


To complete your IT course, you must necessarily have excellent communication skills, problem-solving skills, strong analytical skills and, ultimately, you need to be good at multitasking. software for network engineer will have to perform specific tasks, including keeping files on the network, modifying the software according to the needs of the users, maintaining the machines in the network, helping others with network problems, filtering, and monitoring system performance.

Certifications for computer networks

1. CompTia A + Certification (exams: 220-901 and 220-902)

This certification is best suited for beginner associations and is an excellent entry level course for employees who are beginning their careers as a desktop support technician. After completing this course, you will be trained in preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, security, networking, and installation. Also, it is possible to incorporate good communication and customer relationship skills through this training. Once you make this certification, you will be certified in multiple focus areas instead of just one. Therefore, these certifications are vendor-neutral.

2. Microsoft MCDST Certification (Exams: 070-271 and 070-272)

The best way to complete CompTia A + certification is to obtain a Microsoft MCDST certification. As a large percentage of most computers run at Microsoft, having an MCDST certification is an added point. MCDST is the Microsoft Support Desktop certified technician. This certification shelters Microsoft operating systems and other Microsoft programs, such as MS Office. It may be best suited for PC technicians and desktop support technicians.

3. CompTIA Network + Certification (exam: N10-006)

The CompTIA Network + certification is also one of the best certifications appropriate for novice experts. This is one of the most popular certifications and offers general knowledge of the network. This course covers network protocol and service configuration, installation, and troubleshooting.

4. CompTIA Security + Certification (Exam: SY0-501)

If you want to pursue a career in network security, obtaining a CompTIA + security certification would certainly help. After completing this course, it is possible to develop competence in access control, organization security, network infrastructure and so on. As long as there are ongoing threats to computer security, there are always high chances of high demand from IT security experts. Unlike other certifications, essential a lot of training and practice learn this course and you also need to study hard.

5. CompTIA Server + Certification (Exam: SK0-004)

If you want to start a career in server support, CompTia Server + certification is ideal. Unlike Network + and Security + certifications, these are medium-level certifications. Once you are certified, you will have the knowledge and technical experience to build, maintain and support server hardware and software technologies.

Also, purchasing an A +, Network + certification together with Server + will help you improve your knowledge and experience and probably help you get a decent job with high salaries. The best way to prepare for this examination is to study hard and do as many test tests as you can to improve your skills. After all, "exercise makes a perfect man" and helps you achieve everything.

6. Network Certification Associated with Cisco Certified Networking (CCNA) Network (Exam: 200-125)

This is an associate-level certification planned for networking professionals. You can use more self-study materials and networking resources to improve your exam skills. And the framework offered in this certification is as follows: configuration installation, troubleshooting, and operation.

7. EMC Confirmed Professional Certification - Tech Architect (exam: EMCTA)

The highest level of certification offered is the architect level. And it deals with information management and storage. Upon passing this certification course, you will be certified as a professional architect, designing and analyzing EMC's information infrastructure solution. The areas you specialize in are: VNX and VMAX3 solutions, XtremiO solutions, EMC availability solutions, etc. And you gain additional strength in the areas of foundation, backup, conquest, consolidation, and information protection.

8. CWNP-CWNA Wireless Network Administrator Certification (Exam: CWNA-106)

This is a wireless LAN certification. This useful entry level certification requires only one exam. Topics covered include antenna concepts, network installation, management and design, wireless organizations and standards, wireless LAN software and hardware, RF technologies, and network architecture.

9. Micro Focus - Novell CNE Certified Engineer (exams: 050-719, 050-707 and 050-695)

This intermediate-level certification requires 3 reviews and an assessment of technical skills. After obtaining a certificate in this course, you can solve progressive assistance difficulties and higher-level network failures.

10. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) (exam: CISSP)

CISSP is one of the highly requested certifications. It qualifies you and trains you to protect the business environment, covering the architecture of the network security, management and design issues. This certification is intended primarily for IT professionals.

What are the alternative job opportunities?

Other related activities you can do with these certifications include computer programmers, computer teachers, computer operators, computer support specialists. And the average salaries for these functions are listed below:

These certification courses are one of the easiest in the shortest time and require little or no money! With either of these certifications, you can gain skills and knowledge in many areas related to IT. With this specialized training and experience, you can reach higher levels in such a short period of time. All benefits are packaged in one package.

Several platforms offer job opportunities for IT professionals, including information, entertainment, medical, administrative and support services, finance and insurance, computer system design, education services, and many other varieties of industries. With many benefits incorporated, these certification courses may be the best opportunity you can take advantage of.

So don't wait for the opening to arrive. If you already want to receive payment in a field of knowledge, getting certified on one of these platforms can lead you to open more doors of opportunity. The prospects in the IT field are huge, so run and enjoy these opportunities as much as you can!