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Top Challenges In School Transcript Translation Services

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2021-01-13 07:19:05


Most of the US schools these days either have plans to become linguistically
diverse or are already becoming one with every passing day. It is one of the
basic requirements these days as the number of students and their parents with
little or no English-speaking skills are becoming quite common in the nation.

Due to the increasing population of immigrants from around the world, the
United States now is a country with a wide range of cultures and traditions.
The cultural diversity in the US can be clearly seen with the number of
outsiders coming to the region and obtaining citizenship in America.

English is still the most widely spoken language in the country with 239
million population but other languages like Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog,
Vietnamese, Arabic, French, and Korean have more than one million speakers in
the country.

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States and also has
the highest number of Spanish speakers in the world, beating Spain at number
two. More languages like Russian, Hindi, German, Portuguese, Italian, Polish,
Urdu & Japanese have more than half a million speakers in the country.

English proficiency is not quite high for people with other native languages
than English. Hence, it becomes compulsory for companies, businesses &
educational institutes like schools to convey messages to their clients/
customers in the language they are familiar with.

This has given rise to language diversity in American schools. Thus, the
maximum of the schools has started translating content for their students and
their parents or guardians for easy and clear communication. Communication with
the parents and students is the first challenge faced by the schools and thus
they seek help by hiring school translation services.

A few more common challenges that come in the way of translating school
documents have been discussed below.

Common Challenges
In School Documents Translation

A school translation process is full of challenges. Be it from the school
end or at the translator end. Some of these challenges are:

  1. As we already discussed the first challenge is faced by
    the school authorities which is the issue in communicating with the
    students & their parents which made the demand for school translation

  2. The next is an issue is terminology. The school
    authorities use certain words in different languages and the translator
    needs to be experienced enough to understand this and use the appropriate
    word to convey the correct meaning.

  3. For cultural or traditional notices, where the school
    authorities have mentioned a particularly festive event of a tradition,
    the translation should be conveying the message in other languages in an
    equally effective manner. For example, it can be difficult yet important
    to convey the Good Friday tradition to an Indian student as there is no
    such thing in their tradition.

  4. The language combinations are also a challenge when it
    comes to difficult languages like Japanese or Chinese. These are
    considered to be hard to translate languages and thus require more effort
    from a translator and hence no less than a challenge.

  5. Maintaining the confidentiality of the content is also
    a challenge. If a school is asking for translation for the documents like
    exam papers, results, or transcripts, dedicated confidential services are
    required such as school transcript translation services. No information
    should be leaked from the translator or translation agency's end.

  6. The turnaround times for school translation projects
    are generally less and thus maintaining high quality and good accuracy in
    the fastest time is the next challenge faced by the translator.

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