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Testing and Charging Your Car Battery in Adelaide

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by Lisa Borg



Is there any convenient car problem? Well. Nobody would say that. Every time you encounter one problem, the other seems less troublesome; that’s it! Take the example of your car battery. When it conks off, you get frustrated. But that doesn’t resolve the problem. If the problem has happened for the first time, then you may give the battery a chance. If it occurs again, then it is the time to change your car battery in Adelaide.

Testing The Car Battery

First, you need to get the right tools.

  • You need a multimeter to check the battery voltage. You can buy it from the local market effortlessly. An analog device is cheap & conventional, but you can go for a digital model.

  • Locate the battery. Where it is placed, depends on the make and model of your car. In some cars, it is visible and conveniently located. In some cars, it is tucked under a plastic cover.

  • Once you find it, turn off the vehicle. Check the voltage of the battery using a multimeter. Set it to DC voltage. Put the black lead on the negative terminal and red on the positive one. Read the voltage. Usually, a reading of 12.66 or more indicates full charging and anything below 12.05 indicates the battery is not charged at all. These are ballpark figures. You must check the battery manual or vehicle manual.

  • If the reading is more than 12.45 volts, then you can rely on it. If it is below that, then you must charge the battery and monitor its voltage intermittently.

Charging The Car Battery

Don’t think that charging a car battery is just a matter of hooking it to a charger. It is a complex task that requires specialization and practice. You must know the ins & outs of it. You must know which terminal to remove first & which one to be hooked up on the charger. How long should it be hooked to the charger depends on various things.

Jumping A Battery

Switch off everything in your car. Remove the negative or grounded cable first (the black one). Now remove the positive or power cable (the red one). check the terminals. They should be clean and without any deposit. Now bring the charge. Keep it in the off position. Now connect the positive cable to the positive terminal and the negative cable to the negative terminal. Set the timer, appropriate charging voltage, and start charging. It will take up to twelve hours to charge it fully.

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