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Applications Of Precision Stampings

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Applications Of Precision Stampings Precision stamping is a fast and cost-effective solution for manufacturing large quantities of complex products. There are three major precision stamping applications currently in use at factories across the globe: micro-precision stamping, intricate precision metalwork, and prototype design.<a href="">precision stamping parts</a> Metal stamping uses high tonnage presses and stamping dies to forge sheets of metal into complete or semi-complete parts. Precision metal stamping improves the speed and accuracy of complex stamping applications by allowing the stamping, folding, drawing, or piercing of a product in a single or series operations.Precision stamping can be highly automated, making the process well-suited for high-volume because labor costs drop as production levels increase. Upfront tooling costs, however, may render precision stamping ineffective for smaller production runs. Other factors to consider include long lead times and difficulty making design changes once the tools have been created. Micro-precision stamping is capable of making minute stamps, cuts, bends, and folds in a workpiece. Typically, micro-precision stamping machines support tools with diameters on the micron level. Minimum diameter capabilities vary depending on the particular machine, but .002 inches and .005 inches are common minimum specifications. These micro-stamping combine photo etching technology and 3D computer software to perform highly exact operations. Complex products or innovative designs sometimes require a more sophisticated precision stamping procedure. When this is the case, manufacturers often seek out a stamping company that specializes in complex or intricate precision metalwork. These companies will have the considerable experience and advanced technologies necessary for fabricating products with intricate geometries, cuts, folds, or engravings with exact specifications. Some of the technologies that make intricate precision metal working possible include: