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Precision Metal Stamping

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Precision Metal Stamping These precision stamped die strips are made from many different materials including Phosphor Bronze, Brass, Copper, CRS, and SST. One of the unique features of the stamping tooling designed and built by QDP is that we typically build dies that are more compact than most other shops. One obvious advantage is the cost savings in tool material costs which is passed along to our customers. Because our die designs are proprietary, our customers typically only pay for 50% of the tooling cost. QDP retains ownership of all tooling that is designed and built by us. Because of this the customer never pays for any maintenance or repairs on the tool for the projected life of the tool based on the customer forecast.<a href="">precision stamping parts</a> In the electronics industry, and especially the connector industry, it is necessary to run parts as a continuous strip and wrapping the parts onto a reel. This is done primarily for three reasons: (1) to facilitate selective plating, especially gold or palladium. After plating, the strips are run through dies to do secondary forming and then cut the parts free from the strip. This is usually done when the parts can be fed as loose parts in vibratory feed bowls for insertion into a base; (2) to allow for gang loading of parts into a base. This could be either plated or un-plated parts; (3) to keep the parts on carrier strip, to facilitate locating parts in molds that are to be over-molded. Running reel to reel does require some expertise to achieve acceptable results and QDP has the experience. Another critical factor in running reel to reel especially when the parts are to be gang loaded is the ability to hold the advance from part to part very closely. e.g. If the pitch between parts was .050” and there were 40 parts being inserted at a time, if the advance was off by .0002” the parts could be off by .008” overall. We have typically held parts to .0005” total accumulation over a 2 inch long strip.(40 advances)