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What Is CNC Milling?

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What Is CNC Milling? CNC milling or manual milling is used to machining prismatic parts machining process. There is a rotating cylindrical head and a number of chip groove milling cutter is usually called end milling cutter or end milling cutter, along the different axis movement, used to process long and narrow space, groove, contour. The machine tool which carries on the milling processing is called the milling machine, the numerical control milling machine is usually the exponential control processing center. Milling includes manual milling and CNC milling, milling in the machining workshop.<a href="">cnc precision machining parts</a> Five-axis machining technology is a typical multi-axis machining technology, five-axis machining center is the carrier of five-axis machining technology, refers to a turning function, and the integration of milling and boring and other functions, at least three linear feed shaft and two circular feed shaft, and equipped with automatic tool changing system collectively. This kind of compound machining center is developed on the basis of the three axis turning center, the equivalent of 1 turning center and one processing center, is 2 o century composite processing technology developed in the 90 s, is a kind of traditional mechanical design technology and precision manufacturing technology, based on the integration of the modern advanced control technology, precision measurement technology and advanced mechanical processing technology of CAD/CAM application technology.